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Affiliate Program Materials


Thank you for promoting my products! In order to support you on your journey I made a quick guide on how to make more sales as an affiliate. These are the things I did to promote the Kinobody products and in my best month I made more than $6000. I think in total, over the course of two and a half years I've earned around $45.000.

Honestly, I liked being an affiliate more than selling my own products because I didn't have to deal with the hassle of running the store, paperwork for the business, quick customer support, etc. I just had to make videos and encourage people to buy a product. It was great!

If that's what you want too, I hope you will find these ideas helpful.

Radu's affiliate success guide

  1. You must do the programs. 
    This is fairly obvious. If you do not prove through your own results that the products you're promoting are good you cannot make many sales. People like to follow your journey and see changes in your life while you're doing the program. All an affiliate has to do to make sales is document his progress on a program and encourage people to join him. That's it. Actually seeing someone doing what is written in a program and getting great results from it is what convinces people the program is legit. Many will want to join you on your journey and have you close to ask questions when they don't know what to do. You just need to say: Hey if you want to learn more about the program, click the link in the description. I highly recommend it. Or you could say: If you want to join me in building your best body ever or on starting your own business or *insert goal here* I recommend you join the program too. This way we do this together.

  2. Know the products you're selling and the overall philosophy of the author very, very well. 
    This is important for two reasons:
    #1 So you can answer almost any question you get from a potential customer.
    #2 So you understand what is the target audience and how to promote the products.
    For example, I knew the Kinobody philosophy and products so well that people often came to me ask questions instead of going to the Kinobody support team. They knew my answer would be just as good as theirs. Not only that but I could provide insights on how to get the most out of the programs or why they are set up in a certain way. I could explain how the approach from a different program compares to the one in the Kinobody programs. By being very well informed people understood that these are not just some products I don't care about and just promote to make some money. They understood I actually believed in them and was able to explain why they work and where they are lacking.

  3. Create original content. 
    In order to be a successful affiliate you must create content that complements the content put out by the vendor. That means your content must add insights and ideas above what people can get from the original source. You must not just repeat what the author has to say, you must explain the information in a new way and share your own insights and experiences with your audience.
    I recommend two types of content:
    #1 Vlogs/articles that document your progress on the program. Share what you feel, what changes you notice, how hard it is to apply the information, tips and tricks on how to make the process easier, your favorite parts about the program, challenges you're facing, doubts you're having or hopes for the future. Be a real person and talk to your audience like they are a friend and share how you're doing. Here are some examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    #2 Explanation videos/articles. These are videos or articles where you take a concept from the program that you believe is difficult to understand and you explain it in a different way, one that you believe is easier to understand for certain people. I did this for Kinobody all the time and these were my most popular videos. Here are some examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
    I noticed what was missing from the Kinobody philosophy was the mental/psychological side. When I started talking about self-image and habit change my channel started to grow very rapidly because Greg's audience finally had a real reason to subscribe to my channel. I was giving them something they were not getting from Kinobody. I believe that's what a good affiliate should do - provide some insights that complement the content put out by the vendor.
    In every video or article you put out you recommend a program: To learn more about why this is helpful I recommend you read/watch the X program. It explains the topic in more detail than I did here. Click the link in the description to check it out.
    If people trust you, they will click on your link.

  4. Don't make your content about the programs.
    Mention the program in your videos and articles but don't make them the subject of the video. Instead focus on sharing information and providing value to people. Nobody wants to follow someone that just promotes a product all the time. If you watch my training videos you'll notice all I did was mention that the routine they were about to watch was from the Greek God program because that's what I was following at the time. Then for the rest of the video all I talked about was useful information - how to do the exercises to get the most out of them, how much to rest, when to change exercises, etc. Again, in my fat loss videos I just mentioned I was following the Aggressive Fat Loss program. But for the rest of the video I just shared what I was doing, why I liked intermittent fasting, why I chose certain foods, why I made some changes to the original approach, etc. You must not be known for promoting products, you must be known as a genuinely helpful person. Just have your affiliate links mentioned once or twice per video/article and most of your audience will click on them at some point.

  5. Answer as many emails, comments, and messages as you can.
    Most of the time, the authors of programs can no longer answer all the questions they get because they don't have time. But you can. You can be the one that does customer support for their clients. Do your best to answer people's questions as well as you can. And at the end of the email/message write something like this: You can learn more about this from X program. That's what I've been following and from where I've learned most of this stuff. I really think it would help you out.

  6. Be consistent and patient.
    It takes a few months of making videos and articles until you start making a steady number of sales every month. You must accept that in the beginning you won't get much attention and you won't make many sales. That's normal. You do not yet deserve to be followed by many people. But with time your content base gets bigger and more and more people will land on your videos/articles. And at some point you will start making several sales every day and you will be get paid for more than you work.

This is what I believe you should do to make more sales of ShredSmart and Unstoppable Discipline. If you have questions about this guide, email me at

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