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Posts by Radu Antoniu

Full Body High Frequency Training: Is It Worth It?

For the last five months I’ve trained with a full body routine 4 times per week. Yes, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon last summer. So I thought I’d give you my thoughts on high frequency training since I’m sure you’ve seen the trend and might be interested in trying it out. In short, I like…

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Essential Vitamins – Why Are They Good For You?

This is a guest post by Tarun Reddy from They made a nice infographic on vitamins that I liked and shared and then Tarun offered to write a blog post for me on this subject. Since we didn’t have anything on vitamins, this is surely useful! So here’s the post. I hope you enjoy…

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How to Stop Wasting Time and Become Disciplined

Link to the PDF mentioned in video The Unstoppable Discipline Program – full version Have you ever wondered why by default we are inclined to be unproductive? How come we’re drawn towards wasting time but not drawn towards working? How come it’s so easy to stay on the couch and so hard to go to…

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How to Gain Strength Faster Using Periodization

If you went into a gym and asked some of the guys there what’s their method for adding weight to the bar, they will most likely not have a system for it. They’ll probably say they increase the weight when they feel they can do it or when the reps feel easier. That’s fine. In…

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The Hidden Benefits of Eating Less Meat | Documentary

Free Low-Meat Meal Plans Get Lean & Muscular with my ShredSmart Program __________________________________ Here’s the table of contents: Part 1 – Why Protein & Animal Products Matter for Fitness & Health 1:51 Protein & fitness 3:30 Protein & health 5:03 Amino-acid profile difference between animal protein and plant protein 6:34 Digestibility difference between animal protein…

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The ThinkEatLift Workout App

Finally! The ThinkEatLift Workout App is here! Click here to get it for FREE! We built it with functionality in mind. Each exercise illustration is clickable so you can adjust the weight in an instant. It comes with built-in routines for novices & intermediates. The app will show you what exercises to perform, how much…

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