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Benefits of Cardio when Lean Bulking

You don’t need to do cardio when lean bulking, but that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from it. The way I see it, cardio helps you in 4 ways: 1. It helps prevent fat gain Of course, cardio doesn’t burn fat in and of itself when you’re in a surplus. That’s not how it prevents fat…

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The Complete Guide to Cardio For Fat Loss

Links mentioned in the video: The Aggressive Fat Loss Program Master of Macros FREE eBook Is cardio necessary for getting shredded? From my experience, 90% of men do not need cardio to get lean. They can reach 6-7% body fat through dieting alone. Now, even if you don’t need cardio that doesn’t mean it can’t help you, as…

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Cardio for Fat Loss – Why and How

In this post we’ll cover some key points about cardio and fat loss and at the end you’ll find my recommended cardio routines. Let’s get started. Cardio for Fat Loss – Should you do it? If conditioning is not too important for you and you only want to get ripped, cardio is not necessary. You…

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