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Featured Habit Change

How to Stop Wasting Time and Become Disciplined

Link to the PDF mentioned in video The Unstoppable Discipline Program – full version Have you ever wondered why by default we are inclined to be unproductive? How come we’re drawn towards wasting time but not drawn towards working? How come it’s so easy to stay on the couch and so hard to go to…

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How to Recover From Failure and Come Back Stronger

A Brief Introduction: In order to bring all of you the most high-quality content at a quickened pace, we have decided to bring on Robert as a content creator, focusing principally on the “Think” pillar of ThinkEatLift. Robert lives in San Diego, CA, is pursuing a degree in Systems Engineering and has been a part…

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How to Stop Cheating and Get Lean for Good

Links mentioned in the video:  6 Minutes to Success The Path to your Goal Physique The ShredSmart Program I did a few coaching calls this month with people who follow my channel. And as I expected, everyone I talked to already knew what to do to get to their goal physique. But they still wanted…

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Full Day of Cutting and the Importance of Self Image

Transcript: In this video I’m going to show you the fastest full day of eating you’ve ever seen and I’ll share the importance of your self-image in achieving your fitness goals. First of all let me give you an update on how my cut is going. In short, it’s going great. I’ve been cutting for a…

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