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Take Control of Your Behavior by Separating Yourself From Your Mind

Who are you?

You’ll say that’s a stupid question. “I’m me. I understand very well who I am, I’ve known myself my whole life.”

But when we stop and actually think about who are for a minute, we may discover that our definition of ourselves may be completely wrong.

Our goal with this program is to develop ourselves. We want to become more productive, more disciplined, and get better results in life. In order to do that, we need to change our habits. And to be able to do that, we must understand who we are and how we function.

This may be a weird episode for you but keep an open mind and think about it.

So, who are you?

Your first response may be: “I’m [your name].”

No, that’s your name. Other people in your country have your name, that doesn’t make them you.

Alright, then you’ll say you are your body. Does our body make us who we are? Let’s think about it.

Let’s assume we traveled to the future when technology is much more advanced than it is now. And in that future you suffered a major accident. To save your life, doctors would replace some of your body parts. Your arms, legs, heart, lungs, liver, blood, facial tissue, and eyes would be replaced with replicas that look and feel exactly as the originals.

When you woke up from the operation, would you no longer be you? I think you’ll agree that you’d most likely be the same. You may not even realize something has changed until the doctors told you.

Let’s think of a different hypothetical scenario. What if by some advanced process an evil future scientist could take out your brain completely intact and put it into an android that looks and feels exactly like your body. So when you woke up you’d see your biological body on a table. It would be absolutely terrifying.

But would you say you are your body that’s on the table, or the one that’s watching your body?

You’ll say “Ok, maybe I’m not my body, then I’m my brain.” Where my brain goes, I go. Let’s put it to the test.

Let’s say we’re 500 years in the future. People have colonized Mars and have invented a teletransportation machine – something that can transport you over long distances at the speed of light. You live in New York City but you work on Mars in a factory and go there every day using teletransportation.

It works like this:

You go into a small room that destroys all your cells while also recording the precise location of every atom in your body.

Then, your body’s information is sent to Mars to an arrival chamber. That machine uses the data to re-form your entire body from other atoms and genetic material. When it’s finished you walk out of the chamber on Mars looking and feeling exactly how you did back in New York.

You’ve been doing this every day for the last five years and there was never a problem.

But one day, you walk into the machine in New York, your body gets scanned but you don’t appear on Mars. Nothing happens. You walk out to report the machine is broken and you need to use a new one.

But the staff reports the machine actually worked. It scanned your body successfully and sent the information to Mars, it’s just the cell destroyer didn’t work. You’re shown a live video of you walking to work on Mars.

You say: “Hey, hey wait a minute that’s not me. It’s an imposter, I’m still here.”

But the teletransportation staff says: “No sir, that person on Mars is you. We’ll have to put your body into a destroyer room now to disintegrate it so that there is no replica of you.”

You say: “No! I’ll die.”

You freak out and try to run but two security guards grab and drag you to a destroyer room while you scream.

This is a thought experiment, we don’t even know if cloning or teleportation is even possible. But how would you feel if you were the version left on Earth?

Why would you scream when the security guards dragged you to the disintegration room? That person on Mars had the exact same body, brain, memories, and thoughts like you. By all available evidence, that person is you. So why would you freak out when they accused you of being the replica?

Deep down you know there is something else that makes you, you, apart of your body and brain. You don’t care if the version of you on Mars lives, you know that you will die if they destroy your cells. Once they turn on the disintegration that is the end of you.

You wouldn’t wake up in his body. That replica would live your life thinking it’s you.

So if it’s not your body, brain, or memories that make you, you…who are you?
The best answer science and spirituality was able to come up with is that we are consciousness. We are the state of being alive. We are that which is able to perceive the world. We do it through the instruments of our body and brain but we are more than that.

Stop for a few seconds and feel yourself being alive. Look around your room and hear the sounds around you. You realize that you perceive the world through your eyes and ears but you are what observes those images and sounds.

But now you probably wonder, “What does this have to do with becoming more disciplined?”
It’s important so that we can differentiate who we are from our thoughts, beliefs, and habits. Andrei will talk more about this.

Why Identifying Yourself with Your Mind is a Problem

Many people say things like:

I am lazy.
I am shy.
I am not creative.

The problem with saying that is they make a limiting belief part of their identity. They confuse who they are with something they do or say. If we believe a habit we don’t like is part of who we are, we have no hope of changing.

Your mind may not be disciplined. Your current mental attitude may make you shy. But those traits are not part of who you are.

In my seminars, when I ask people who they are, the most common answer I get is: I am my thoughts…

That’s the problem. What if you think you’re a loser? What if you think you’re not good enough to have a relationship? What if you think you can’t lose weight? Does that mean that’s part of who you are and you can never change?

No. We think with our brain but we are not our thoughts. We are what observes those thoughts. Think about it, if you can observe what you think, then there must be an observer.

What we are trying to accomplish in this video is to separate you from your mind. The reason it’s important to make this distinction is so that you can take control of the mind.

Once you stop identifying yourself with your thoughts, you realize you can choose what you think. The mind controls the body. This means that if you choose what you think, you also choose how you act.

This illustration expresses the concept perfectly. You are the driver. Your mind is the steering wheel and the car is your body. You can direct the mind whenever you want and then the mind will direct the body.

When you realize this truth for yourself, your mind will get out of the way and you will live from a higher perspective. This will give you freedom over your actions.

The purpose of this video was to help you realize you are not your mind or your thoughts. You can freely create a new identity for yourself, one that fits the goals you want to achieve.

The Unstoppable Discipline Program has a clear purpose – to help you TAKE DAILY ACTION TOWARDS YOUR GOALS and FEEL PROUD OF YOURSELF instead of disappointed. The way our program helps you become more disciplined is by making you aware that your actions are the result of your habitual way of thinking. Each one of the 16 videos included in the program is designed to change your thinking into that of a productive person. The practical exercises will help you develop your willpower, set inspiring goals, and see yourself as the person you want to become.

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1 Comment

  1. Ilia Korostov on December 13, 2017 at 8:44 am

    My friend gave me a link to this article and I saw a suggestion to leave a comment, so I’ll write a few lines here.

    First of all, the message is great! This is probably the best advice a person may get in the whole life: “You are not your body, you are not your mind, you are consciousness!”. By spreading this message, you are doing the highest good for humanity one could ever imagine! I sincerely thank you for this!

    The tone of the article is very positive, and it genuinely inspires the reader to stop identifying him(her)self with the body or the mind, so the aim of the article is definitely met! But in the long run the situation is not so simple. As a good man once said: “It is easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than think your way into a new way of acting.”

    You are recommending here: “Once you stop identifying yourself with your thoughts, you realize you can choose what you think. The mind controls the body. This means that if you choose what you think, you also choose how you act.” The problem here is that people are accustomed to living in their minds and trying to gratify any demand of their bodies ASAP. Unless there is a process, some action that would help us develop a habit of not listening to our minds, we automatically digress to our default condition of mental existence.

    Yes, we are consciousness, but the consciousness, which is not accustomed to any existence besides the mental and the corporal existence. We don’t even know if it’s possible to exist without our minds and our bodies. But the good news is that it is! And a few hundred years ago it was a common knowledge! The consciousness that pervades the body and the mind has a carrier. And this carrier of the consciousness is called “the soul”.

    That’s why the example with the teleporter is flawed. When the constituents of the body on Earth are disintegrated (which is called “death”), the mind that dwelled in that body takes the soul to a womb of a mother that this particular consciousness deserves (and it’s not going to be a very nice womb, because a person willingly entering a death-chamber hardly deserves an elevated new body). This is a law of nature. And even if the machine on Mars assembles all the necessary atoms in the exact same manner that constituted the (now disintegrated) body on Earth, this contraption will not walk out of the chamber. Instead, it will immediately drop down on the floor and start decomposing. Because it is nothing but a corpse. The only difference between the dead body and the living body is that consciousness that animates it and makes it move. But in order to realize ourselves as this consciousness, we need to adopt a daily practice of reminding ourselves about it. We need some activity that has nothing to do with the mind and nothing to do with the body. Some activity that only the consciousness can find valuable and invigorating. This activity is called meditation.

    The best kind of meditation (which actually makes us realize that we are not the mind) is repeating and attentively hearing this mantra over and over again: “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare; Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare”. Try doing this for at least a few minutes and you will acually experience the joy of living as pure consciousness, without identifying with the body or the mind.

    I hope you had the patience to read all that and that it was helpful!
    Respectfully yours, Ilia Korostov.

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