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Welcome to our store! Here we have a collection of books and courses that we admire and use ourselves. We spent so much time online going through courses that didn't have any promise of helping us. We don't want you to have to think about whether or not your money is going to the right program.


We also have our own courses and school here at ThinkEatLift. These are programs that we developed - both free and paid - that we have curated to our audience's needs. In these we cover everything from self-image to getting shredded. If this interests you, click the link to the right!

The ThinkEatLift School

We created a school to help you learn from us! Here you can access The ShredSmart Program, The Unstoppable Discipline Program, Master of Macros, Cutting Without Counting, and The Path to Your Goal Physique!

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How to get lean and muscular with little time spent cooking and training - perfect for busy professionals or students.

How to stay motivated and take daily action towards your goals - designed for people who know they are doing less than they can.

How to build lean muscle and strength only training 3 days per week - perfect for novices and intermediates


How to build muscle training only with your bodyweight

How to stay motivated every day. Daily motivational videos taught by Bob Proctor.

Ideas for what to eat to lose fat or gain muscle

How to raise your testosterone naturally through nutrition, training, and lifestyle changes

How to structure your training in the most efficient way possible

Program for females: How to eat and train to lose fat and build muscle