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General Strength Training Concepts

The factors that truly matter for strength and hypertrophy have a clear order of importance. In this section, we've compiled videos and articles based on research for you to learn how to train optimally for your goals, and never hop from program to program again.


How to Progress from Bodyweight Chinups to Weighted Chinups

By Radu Antoniu | November 17, 2015 | 10 Comments

Weighted Chin-ups and Pull-ups are in my opinion the best exercises you can do for your back. But most people avoid them, which is a shame. The only time I have to wait in line to use the chin-up bar at my gym is when guys do cable cross-overs underneath it… In this video and…

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Training to Failure | Good for Muscle Growth and Strength?

By Radu Antoniu | November 15, 2015 | 14 Comments

When I filmed this video I wanted to show you a simple, everyday chest workout but I hit failure in my first set on incline bench press. So this was the perfect opportunity to talk about training to failure. In this article and video I’m going to share why I believe you shouldn’t train to failure…

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My first 8 Months of Lifting

By Radu Antoniu | November 11, 2015 | 11 Comments

In this article and video I want to share the story of how I got into lifting, what I did in the beginning and what I’d do differently if I could go back in time. I believe you’ll pick up some good lessons on consistency, noobie gains, and weight training programming for beginners. Let’s begin! Alright, so…

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MEGA workout: Chest, Shoulder and Triceps

By Radu Antoniu | November 5, 2015 | 56 Comments

This is episode 13 of Muscling In! Wow how time flies! In episode 5 I showed you workout B, today I’m going to show you workout A, chest, shoulders and triceps. I’m following the Greek God Program. Alright, let’s get into the workout. Transcript: Incline Bench Press My main chest exercise right now is the Incline Bench press,…

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Benefits of Cardio when Lean Bulking

By Radu Antoniu | November 2, 2015 | 6 Comments

You don’t need to do cardio when lean bulking, but that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from it. The way I see it, cardio helps you in 4 ways: 1. It helps prevent fat gain Of course, cardio doesn’t burn fat in and of itself when you’re in a surplus. That’s not how it prevents fat…

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Too Slim to Diet, Too Fat to Bulk

By Radu Antoniu | October 29, 2015 | 9 Comments

My philosophy for building a great physique is that you should first lean down to around 9-10% body fat then gain size slowly until you hit 14-15% body fat. You cycle your cuts and bulks in this body fat range until you reach the level of muscle development you’re happy with. This way you never…

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