Habit Change and Knowing Yourself

Knowing how to get in shape but not taking action doesn’t bring you any value. It only brings frustration. In order to apply what you know, you must understand how to change your habits and not rely only on willpower.


Bob Proctor once said “Your behavior is never the result of a strong willpower. Your behavior is always, always the result of your self-image.” In this section, we've compiled videos, articles and other resources for you to learn how to take control of yourself and do the things you want to do.

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How to Lifestyle Lean Bulk

By Radu Antoniu | January 6, 2016 | 24 Comments

My opinion is that in the lifting world you have two categories of people: Those that always found it easy to gain weight and muscle but had a hard time getting lean Those that always found it easy to get lean and stay lean but had a hard time gaining muscle The category you find…

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How Progress can make you Slack off and Procrastinate

By Radu Antoniu | July 28, 2015 | 24 Comments

I have a great insight to share. Last week I’ve been listening to the audiobook The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal and I’ve learned one of the best ideas ever. She explains a few of the reasons why we tend to slack off from time to time when we pursue our big goals. She explains why we…

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How to get Free Help from Fitness Bloggers and YouTubers

By Radu Antoniu | July 21, 2015 | 8 Comments

I was answering some comments on my site and I wanted to share something that I think will be of very good help to you: How to get free help from busy people. If you have a favorite fitness youtuber or fitness blogger and you’d like to get them to reply to your emails or comments…

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How to go from Fat & Weak to Lean & Muscular

By Radu Antoniu | July 5, 2015 | 24 Comments

In this article I’m going to show you how to get a model/hollywood actor type physique starting from a condition where you have a good amount of fat and also little muscle mass. I know this a discouraging position to start your fitness journey from but the good news is that you can make a…

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Full Day of Cutting and the Importance of Self Image

By Radu Antoniu | June 23, 2015 | 28 Comments

Transcript: In this video I’m going to show you the fastest full day of eating you’ve ever seen and I’ll share the importance of your self-image in achieving your fitness goals. First of all let me give you an update on how my cut is going. In short, it’s going great. I’ve been cutting for a…

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Separating Facts from BS – 4 Steps for Identifying Accurate Information Online

By Radu Antoniu | June 7, 2015 | 0 Comments

Have you ever failed to reach a fitness goal? Yeah, most of us did too. But why? There are many causes of course, but I think one common cause is insufficient or inaccurate information. Over the last two years I’ve learned a very valuable lesson: In order to achieve any kind of enduring success we must…

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