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How to get Free Help from Fitness Bloggers and YouTubers

I was answering some comments on my site and I wanted to share something that I think will be of very good help to you: How to get free help from busy people.

If you have a favorite fitness youtuber or fitness blogger and you’d like to get them to reply to your emails or comments you must first show them that you tried to find the answer yourself before sending them a message.

If the person that gets your email already answered your question in one of their articles or video then you’re showing them right from the start that you didn’t actually read study their work. So why would they spend 5 minutes giving you a long answer to your question when you didn’t spend 1 minute searching their website?

Jim Rohn’s formula for problem solving

He said to solve any problem you must ask yourself three questions:

1. What could I do? 

We ask this first because most of the time we already know what we need to do to improve our results. You don’t need more information or outside help, you just need to act.

2. What could I read?

If you don’t know what you must do, then you need to study. Most of the time you’ll easily find the answers you’re looking for with a simple search on Google or YouTube.

But this process has the potential to be more valuable than that.:

*You may discover that you’re actually asking the wrong question. For example a lot of people ask me “What do I need to eat to lose fat?”. If they researched this website for 5 minutes before asking that question they would realize it’s the wrong question to ask because the calories and macros are what actually matter.

*You learn the basic terms that will allow you to understand the answer you get when you do ask for help. People ask me “Why am I no longer losing fat?”. I ask them back “How many calories are you eating and how are your macros set up?”. They say “Uhmm, what are calories and macros?”

You see, if people don’t research in advance they may not even be able to understand the answer they get back.

3. Who could I ask? 

And finally, if you did all you can to find the answers you’re looking for but you’re still stuck then you earn to right to ask for help. When you ask someone for help, it means it’s a big problem.

If you go to an influential fitness person and you explain that you searched their website, you read the articles, you read the books, you watched the videos, you tried everything but you’re still stuck then they will be more than happy to help you out.

In fact they may give you 10-15 minutes of their time because they will know that you will actually value their response.

Personally when I get an email from someone that read most of my articles and watched my videos I sometimes reply with a 500 words email because I know my time is well invested and that person will actually act on the information.

Not only that, but they will be asking the right questions. They instantly stand out from the other commenters.


Try it out and you will be amazed of how many things you’ll learn if you go looking for answers yourself and how easily it will be after a while to connect to influential people.

What did you think about the ideas in this article? Let me know in the comment section I’m really curious. Also, you can ask questions (related to fitness or not) in the comment section and I’ll give you an answer. 


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  1. Josh on May 6, 2016 at 2:24 am

    Hey Radu. Ive searched your channel, Website and intsgaram but could not find an answer to this; how quicky do you think a person can lose an inch, 2 inches, 3 inches. Etc while on the watrior shredding program. I am 5’10” 157 lb. im on 1800 kcal a day and i keep my protein very high In one week i went down from 33-32 inches however I dont know what to expect this next week and i have some muscle mass but can only see the top abs if i flex really hard and start to see the next row of abs if i stretch down my little excess fats a bit. What woule YOU estimate my BF% is and how long to get down to 8%?

  2. Josh on July 18, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    Radu you have not answered other Josh, my name is Josh too. :p

    Good work on the info and website

  3. Nicolas on August 15, 2016 at 2:15 am

    Hi Radu! I`ve been checking your channel a lot lately, and i love your vids and posts! i would like to now where do you get information from? what websites do you read? are there books you could recomend? i am a fitness and health enthusiast and i´d love to make a living from it!!
    Thank you very much, greetings from Argentina! Keep going, you´re awesome!

  4. Namina Jayasinghe on August 29, 2016 at 5:18 am

    Hi, Radu, it’s not more than one month I first get to know your channel on YouTube, and I’m very happy to say in one month I reduced my waist by 1 inch from 32 to 31. I am extremely glad that I found your videos and they mean so much for me and inspiring, both fitness focused and for life. Thank you.

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