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Why You Should Never Push Through Pain

It’s been one month since the last Muscling In episode and you’ll understand why in a minute. In this episode I’m going to give you some updates on how my lean bulk is going in terms of strength, muscle growth and body fat.

The main reason I haven’t released lifting videos lately is because my push workout went to s**t around mid December.

While I was filming a video, doing my first set of Incline, on rep 4 I got a nagging pain in my left pec. I thought it would go away for the next workout, but it didn’t. And what was strange about it is that it didn’t affect my strength in the first set, I could lift just as much as before if I wanted to. But it was really painful after the first 3 reps.

So of course I was not stupid to push through it.

A golden rule when lifting is this: Never push through pain. Discomfort is good, pain is bad. Just by following this simple rule you can prevent major injuries in the future.

If you feel pain when performing a movement, stop.

Check if your form is on point. If the pressure on the joints comes in a wrong angle that is almost always produce pain and it’s an indication to stop.

If pain persists the next time you perform that movements (even if you are using lighter weights), change the exercise.

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The Program I use for building muscle

The program I follow right now is The Greek God Program. It uses very high intensity and because of this you have to be very strict with your form.

Intensity is the least forgiving when it comes to injury and recovery. If you’re cautious though, the payoff is great. Greg designed this program so you can gain strength while staying lean and only training certain key lifts once every 4-5 days. It’s lifestyle oriented.

If you want you can check out my one year transformation with it here.

I’m now doing the MEGA workouts from the program. These are the more advanced routines. You still train with high frequency but you’re also doing slightly more volume which helps trigger more sarcoplasmic growth.

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