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Nutrition for Building Muscle

Training is the stimulus for muscle growth but nutrition is what provides the necessary nutrients for that to happen. It’s pretty simple. You have to eat enough to gain weight slowly and make sure you eat about 1g of protein per pounds of bodyweight per day.


In this section, we've compiled videos, articles and other resources for you to learn how to set and adjust your nutrition for muscle growth.


How to Cut for Summer

By Radu Antoniu | June 18, 2015 | 22 Comments

In this video I’m going to share my plan for getting shredded this summer and help you do that as well. Transcript: I’ve been bulking for more than 6 months and I went from 75kg in January to 81kg a few days ago. Now I’m probably around 14-15% body fat and I never bulk above…

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The Complete Guide to Lean Bulking

By Radu Antoniu | June 12, 2015 | 49 Comments

For a lean bulk to be possible, you have to start out lean (obviously). This is important because the first step of a lean gaining phase may actually be a cut. As we explained in the article Get Lean before Bulking, starting from a low body fat percentage allows you to gain more weight before…

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Get Lean before Bulking – Here's why

By Radu Antoniu | June 9, 2015 | 33 Comments

A great looking male body has two ingredients: 1. A Low Body Fat Percentage 2. Solid Muscle Development  When you put these two ingredients together you get a physique like the guys in the photo above – slim waist, thick shoulders and upper back muscles, masculine square chest, well developed arms and athletic legs. One ingredient…

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How to Maintain Muscle While Cutting

By Radu Antoniu | June 7, 2015 | 86 Comments

If your goal is to get shredded, your main focus during a cut should not be just weight loss, it should be fat loss with muscle maintenance. Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean your body composition (the fat to muscle ratio in your body) is improving. That is because some of the lost weight may actually…

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