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Podcast Requirements

Do you want to be a guest on my podcast?


Here are the requirements:

  1. You must have a Google account because we'll be using Google Hangouts for the call.
  2. You must be able to speak English reasonably well. I'm not asking for perfect English (mine isn't perfect either) but you must be able to make yourself understood and form sentences quickly. This is required in order to make the podcast easy to listen.
  3. You must prepare some questions in advance. I want to help you as much as I can in the time we have together and for that to happen you must know what you need help with or what you want to talk about.
  4. You must have high speed internet. Go to the siteĀ and check your internet speed. You must have at least 15 Mbps download and 15 Mbsp upload speed in order to not experience interruptions.
  5. You must be in a quiet location during the recording (and prevent background noise like pets or children). Don't make the call from a busy office or from the subway. It must be quiet.
  6. You must have a decent microphone. If you have a Mac laptop that's enough, those have surprisingly great microphones. But if you have a PC (laptop or desktop) your microphone most likely sucks. In that case, get an external microphone for the call.
  7. Your webcam must be decent as well. Again, Macs have good cameras but most PCs don't. In case you have a PC with a bad camera, get an external camera instead.
  8. You can do the call from a mobile device but with one condition: you must place it in front of you and not hold it with your hand while you talk.
  9. Relax. I will edit the call before posting it. So if you screw up a couple of times (or I do it) I will edit those bits out.

Do you want to be my guest?

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That is where I will post the date and time I plan on recording the podcast. For example I might say: "Looking for a few guests for the podcast next Thursday. I need 3 people, one for 5 PM, one for 6 PM, and one for 7 PM Romania time (GTM +2). If you want to be on the podcast and are available at one of those times, direct message me with the text "I want to be on the podcast at 6 PM".


After 24 hours I will randomly choose 3 guests from the comments. I used to pick the first people to comment but that wasn't fair because in some parts of the world people are sleeping when I post and they don't get the same chance.